We’re a world leader in helping clients meet health and wellness challenges, through our extensive research and data-driven approach.

We're a global leader in health and wellness

We’re a world leader in international employee benefits. Our research and data-driven approach helps clients meet health and wellness challenges. We were the first global benefits network to  offer best-in-class global medical dashboard reports, supported by a variety of health and wellness initiatives from our local network members.

International employee benefits

Committed to global health

A productive, healthy and engaged workforce is vital and a rising concern for multinational employers across the world.

Costs for addressing the growing health needs of employees and their dependents are driving up annual premiums. The indirect costs associated with absenteeism and presenteeism greatly add to the costs paid by employers, above and beyond health insurance premiums.

That’s why MAXIS GBN has a dedicated Health & Wellness team. We offer best-in-class medical reporting and expert insight into the underlying medical cost drivers and trends resulting from employee and dependent access to health services.


MAXIS Global Wellness

Powered by over four years of global health data analytics across almost 40 countries, MAXIS Global Wellness provides multinationals with a suite of products and services to help reduce costs, providing wellness programmes that address current deficiencies in healthcare provision in particular markets.

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MAXIS Global Medical Dashboard

We produce a suite of annual global medical dashboard reports to give multinational employers a standard view of local medical experience. Our reports help identify cost drivers and targeted chronic conditions, enabling employers to better target wellness programs and drive discussions on possible benefit design changes.

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Health & Wellness thought leadership

Every year we sponsor at least one large original research piece on a topic of interest for multinational employers, which we publish as a white paper. Read more about our latest white papers on gut health, sleep and stress.

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Local capabilities

Our local members offer a range of health and wellness solutions to meet the needs of local subsidiaries. Our local wellness resources and best-in-class local health capabilities make us a global leader in health and wellness.

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