Powered by over four years of global health data analytics across almost 40 countries, MAXIS Global Wellness provides multinationals with a suite of products and services to help reduce costs, providi...

Powered by over four years global health data analytics, across almost 40 countries, MAXIS Global Wellness provides multinationals with the tools and data required to understand their healthcare cost drivers across multiple jurisdictions.

The basics

With global medical inflation running at 8.4%, well in excess of the average general inflation rate of 3.1%, global employers are looking for comprehensive ways to manage their costs down through data, education and prevention, while delivering competitive employee benefits programmes to employees.[1]

Recently commissioned research by MAXIS GBN identified that monitoring employee wellness is major concern for 70% of multinationals. The increase in mental health claims is a particular issue, identified by 63% of multinationals, yet it is still seen as a taboo in many markets.[2]

Main benefits

MAXIS Global Wellness aims to answer these needs by providing a suite of products and services to help reduce costs, providing efficient wellness programmes that better address current deficiencies in healthcare provision in particular markets, as well as addressing concerns that impact the health of their employees.

What MAXIS GBN offers

Delivered via corporate employee benefit schemes, the core services provided by MAXIS Global Wellness include:

  • Topic specific, educational Health & Wellness Toolkits designed to help global employers implement a programme of wellness awareness and education to employees worldwide, effectively driving global-to-local health management strategies.
  • A business case modeler to calculate the impact on benefits spend and productivity resulting from changes in behaviours alongside access to exclusive country reports.
  • Our wellness technology marketplace of carefully selected third party suppliers of technology that deliver global wellness solutions and can be managed globally including:
    • Telemedicine services with a local network of doctors, operating with both international and local licences, to help employees save on out of pocket expenses when consulting their physician.
    • Second medical opinion services to help reduce the spend on preventable surgeries and procedures, as well as providing specialised consultation services when local resources or specialists are lacking.
    • Mental health helpline to address a topic that’s often seen as a stigma and effectively empower employees to deal with situations that overwhelm them
    • Chronic disease management platform offering a 1:1 personalised coaching for the management of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular diseases.  As comprehensive disease management programmes are not offered in many regions, this platform includes health risk assessments, virtual lifestyle management and a chronic disease risk reduction service.

Who is it for?

  • The Health & Wellness Toolkits and the wellness technology marketplace are available to all MAXIS GBN clients 

  • The business case modeller is available to clients using the MAXIS Global Captive Solution

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[1] IMF World Economic Outlook Database April 2017

[2] MAXIS GBN conducted research with 216 employee benefits professionals between 20 and 31 January 2018. The research was undertaken online by an independent third party. To read the full report please go to