Our whitepapers, including co-sponsored studies and original research, provide a deeper perspective on health and wellness issues and other employee benefits challenges. Download our whitepapers here.

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Optimism: the key to a successful business 2017

Reveals an optimistic outlook could be the secret to better employee health and productivity...

PDF - (883 kB)

Optimism: tapping its positive power (summary)

The quick highlights from our white paper on optimism.

PDF - (287 kB)

Business travel - good for business, bad for health? (2017)

Highlights the health and wellbeing impacts business travel can have on individuals and provides recommendations of what employers can do to combat...

PDF - (994 kB)

Gut health: focusing on our inner economy (2016)

A new approach to employees’ health and wellness.

PDF - (6.7 MB)

Gut health: focusing on our inner economy - quick highlights (2016)

The quick highlights from our white paper on gut health.

PDF - (682 kB)

Sleep: a business case for bedtime (2015)

The hidden global health issue impacting employee performance.

PDF - (6.1 MB)

Stress: reframing the narrative (2014)

New insight on the effects of stress and how global employers can use new, evidence-based approaches to manage and reduce the impact of stress.

PDF - (8 MB)

Employer-sponsored health and wellness resources (2013)

Driving employee engagement, commitment and work ability around the world.

PDF - (1.1 MB)

Scaling risk to opportunity: the next chapter for multinational globalisation (2012)

An Economist Intelligence Unit research programme sponsored by MAXIS GBN.

PDF - (851 kB)